Professor Sohier Elneil First ever UCL Professor of Urogynaecology

As one of the world’s highest ranked universities, University College London (UCL) in June 2023 announced the promotion of Dr. Sohier Elneil as the first ever UCL Professor of Urogynaecology commencing new Academic Year at UCL.

The Founding President of WASD, Professor Allam Ahmed, WASD President said:

We are very delighted to hear such fantastic news last month for the promotion of Sohier. Sohier advocated almost all her academic and professional career for Women’s Health and human rights as well as her fantastic work various charities, NGOs and national/international academic institutions. Sohier’s contribution to WASD’s different activities and projects has been outstanding, she has been an active member of WASD and Sudan Knowledge participating in our various Sustainability and Diaspora Conferences; Global Minds Debates; Webinars and Seminars; Training and Capacity Development programme; Women and Youth Empowerment and Engagement Programmes; and many other activities. We will continue to work very closely with Professor Elneil in here new role and we look forward to celebrating Sohier’s fantastic achievement with colleagues and friends at the start of the new academic year!

Professor Elneil’s Prestigious and Distinguished Awards

  • 2009: Most Powerful Moslem Women (Top 13)
  • 2018: BBC One Show and The Patients Association Award for Top UK Clinician (Celebrating the NHS at 70 years)
  • 2018: Daily Mail Health Hero Award for Top UK Clinician (Celebrating the NHS at 70 years – Award given by the Right Honorable Theresa May MP – Former Prime Minister UK)
  • 2018: UCLH Theatres Award Consultant
  • 2019: Zenith Award for Services to Women’s Health

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