Man who won $1MILLION playing blackjack threw half of it away

A punter who won $1million in a virtual blackjack challenge has urged others not to fall into the trap of gambling away huge sums of money after losing half of the cash.

Tim Meyers, 31, who is from New Zealand, turned a risky $1,500 bet into the huge seven-figure sum by playing the popular casino card game online. 

Mr Meyers, who boasts more than a million followers on Instagram, began his blackjack challenge by betting ten cents for each of his followers on one hand every day. 

Tim Meyers (pictured with his girlfriend), 31, who is from New Zealand, turned a risky $1,500 bet into the huge seven-figure sum by playing the popular casino card game online

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The size of his bets increased as his number of followers grew and by the 50th day of the virtual challenge, Mr Meyers was betting more than $32,000 a hand for his more than 320,000 followers. 

With a run of good luck, the gambler hit $1million on May 4 after staking a $115,000 bet.

But the former blacksmith’s good luck had to run out some day and after incurring losses of more than $100,000 a day, he decided to place a final bet of $195,000 on the 90th day of the challenge. 

Mr Meyers lost that bet – leaving him up to the tune of $500,000.

‘There’s no secret to winning, but there is a secret to not losing and that is just don’t bloody gamble,’ he told 

 Mr Meyers who is currently staying in Calgary in Canada where is travelling with his fiancé, said his aggressive gambling style ended up costing him.

The day after he placed his final bet, he told his Instagram followers he would no longer be taking part in the challenge. 

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Mr Meyers explained it was difficult coping with losing $500,000 and urged people not gamble with huge sums of money. 

‘Taking that hiding at the end was a stark reality check for myself and also for all the followers,’ Mr Meyers said. 

‘It’s certainly not something anyone should try and replicate.’

Mr Meyers said he saw the positive side of the situation – as you would after making $500,000.

He said he will come back and link alternatif kijang188 take part in more online gambling challenges after taking a short break. 

The winnings Mr Meyers made have come in handy. 

He has paid for his wedding to his fiancée and has also paid off some of his mortgage on a rural property he owns in New Zealand. 

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